What is the Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol™ is a diet and lifestyle programme, developed by Professor of Neurology, Dale Bredesen, that has been shown in research to reverse symptoms of cognitive decline. Professor Dale Bredesen has spent his life studying Alzheimer’s disease and is recognised internationally as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Professor Bredesen likens Alzheimer’s pathology to a ‘roof with many holes’. There are dozens of biological mechanisms that need to be optimised in order to return a person to health.  Monotherapy (single agent drug therapy) plugs just one of these holes, however, one needs to plug a good number of the holes to have any chance of improving the condition. This latter approach utilised in the Bredesen Protocol™ equates to a multiple therapeutic approach, identifying and addressing the areas of imbalance.

The programme diagnostics rely on results from numerous blood tests and other tests (including scans) for input into a software algorithm from which patient programmes are produced. The protocol uses a functional medicine approach that aims to identify the root causes of the disease. Functional medicine recognises that whilst two individuals may have the same disease and pathology, the underlying causes may be different.  Functional medicine asks “why has this person got this disease?” and looks for clues in their current and past environment, diet, lifestyle, medical history and family history. ​Thus it seeks to uncover the root causes of the disease.

The Bredesen Protocol™  targets the multiple underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease, with a goal to improving cognitive function. The programme is tailored to optimise all the necessary parameters in the individual. Nutrition and lifestyle components are at the heart of Professor Bredesen’s protocol.

Reversal of cognitive decline:
A novel therapeutic program 
Reversal of cognitive decline:
A novel therapeutic program  2014
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